Cado AP-C200

High-performance filters that don’t miss a thing

cado’s high-performance two-layer filters provide both high suction power, and the ability to filter out harmful particulates, pollen and dust blown up by closing-and-opening of doors and the coming-and-going of people. Blue-light activated carbon filter coated with photocatalyst absorbs and decomposes harmful substances.
Silver-ion antibacterial HEPA-type filter captures tiny particles and prevents the growth of viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other dangerous organisms etc.



Room size ~36 m² *1
Maximum airflow 259 m³/h *2
Weight 6.3 kg (including filter)
Sensor Odor sensor, dust sensor, light sensor
Body colors Black, white, premium stainless steel *3
Rated power consumption Min: 6 W (Low) / Max: 33 W (Rapid)
Sound level Min: 29 dBA (Low) / Max: 59 dBA (Rapid)
Air outlet Top
Air inlet Lower circumference
Dimensions ⌀242 × H 652 mm

Replacement filter


FL-C200 once a year
Visit CADO factory internet site

LED light colors notify you of air conditions

Blue, yellow, and orange LED lights indicate the condition of the air in your room.
The invisible becomes visible with cado technology.


360° suction and diagonal flow fan enable to place anywhere you like

With air inlet running 360 degrees around this device, the shape and layout of a room provides no challenge to its powerful purifying capacity. Once in the body, purified air is channeled upwards by a diagonal flow fan - the first in any cado purifier.The air goes up, hits the ceiling, and circulates to all corners of the room.
No pollutants are safe from the reach of AP-C200.