Air Shot Air Purifier is designed for small spaces such as office, car, children's and bathrooms and for use in personal space. The minimum dimensions and connection of USB to the source of electricity allow you to take it with you from the car to the office, and even to travel for use in the hotel room. Cleans the air and neutralizes the unpleasant smells of food, cigarettes and any others.
Great solution for small space

The minimum size of 120X120 mm, weight 300 grams, air filter 360 degrees, does not produce loud noises, which allows the device to be used with it indoors, car and any other place. Has a night mode of absolutely quiet work.
With you and at home and in the car and at work
* Sterilization and purification of air with UV technology
* Produces OH radical - "natural antibiotic"
* Area of ​​action - up to 20 sq.m.
* Long and quiet work
* Extremely low electricity consumption
* Air filtration with a ceramic nano filter manufactured in Germany